SYN:DROM was formed in Sundsvall Sweden in 2002 with the intention of making superb death metal the way the members liked it!

In 2006 after a couple of years of demo recordings the self released EP “Birth Of A Dark Empire” got to see the light of day. The sound had developed into a concrete wall of brutal death metal with a mix of both European and American sound.

In 2009 SYN:DROM was signed to the Swedish label ViciSolum Productions and the debut album “With Flesh Unbound” was released on April 30th 2010.

With Flesh Unbound instantly got praised in the metal press as a very strong debut album and the comparisons to bands like Hate Eternal, Vader and Nile was very common!

SYN:DROM started writing songs for the follow-up album in 2012 and on February 15th 2013 the mighty “Iconoclasm” was released by ViciSolum Productions!

“ICONOCLASM” was an instant success and was immediately praised worldwide the sound had developed and grown darker since the debut album. The sound is often compared to the later works of Behemoth and Aeon.

The album is a proof of great songwriting skills and superb musicianship and has set a new meaning to the word “Swedish death metal”!